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A Brief History of the Society

The Nerine & Amaryllid Society was founded by a group of enthusiasts at a meeting called at Wisley in 1997.

We must be grateful to the pioneers of the early days of this Society, perhaps with particular mention of Roger Beauchamp, Brian Pingriff and Barrie Ward. They had learned from the earlier Nerine Society (1966) that it would be difficult to sustain a single genus Society and decided to include the whole of the Amaryllidacae, but with the stated intention of not infringing on the work of the Galanthus Group, South African Bulb Group or any similar Society. Recently Agapanthus have become part of the Amaryllid Family, adding to the range of interests of the Society.

Since the start, the Society has grown substantially in numbers, helped by an enthusiastic Committee and support from many other members. The Journal helps to link Society members who tend to be scattered throughout the UK and the rest of the world.   The Society aims to cater for all levels of interest from the professional to the amateur; for the expert and the not so expert; for those with large collections of plants and those who grow only a few. The Society is for all those who are interested in growing plants from this enormously interesting and varied group.