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A most important function of the Society is to assist and encourage the growing of Nerine and Amaryllid species and cultivars, and to encourage members to grow new plants by the exchange of plant material.  The Society also encourages experimentation and research, reporting mostly through the Journal with the aim of contributing to a better knowledge of the Amaryllidacae and to assist our members to grow better plants.

The Journal, “Amaryllids”, is published three times a year.
The purpose of this is to enable:

      members with similar interests to make contact,
      members to write about their experience and share this with others,
      dissemination of information and research.

The Journal has become increasingly more important in linking the interests of Society members and has been steadily enlarged and improved over the years.

The Society also publishes a small book- ‘Nerines- a brief guide to growing Nerines in the British Isles’.

Two Bulb Exchanges are currently organised each year, giving beginners an opportunity to build up a collection at low cost; no charge is made but the Society asks those receiving bulbs to make a contribution to the postage costs.

Visits are arranged to important or interesting collections, such as Exbury and Ken & Margaret Hall’s National Plant Collection on the Isle of Wight; also to interesting gardens such as Victoria Wakefield’s Bramdean and Margaret Owen’s Shropshire garden.  Other visits are often arranged and these are publicised in the Journal and on the  Society website.

We aim to publicise Open Days at Houses and Gardens where amaryllids such as Nerine, Galanthus and Hippeastrum are the main focus.

We normally exhibit at the Malvern Autumn Show and have won medals in most years, including a Gold.

The Annual General Meeting is an important ‘Day Out’ for many members. As well as the formal business, there are usually illustrated lectures and talks, friendly competitions, displays, demonstrations and, of course, plant sales. Lunch provides an opportunity for informal exchange of information.

We include within our membership the authors of important books on daffodils and Galanthus.

The Society is the International Cultivar Registration Authority (ICRA) for Nerine, an enormous task for the Registrar as some 6000 cultivars of Nerine sarniensis have been recorded historically- although most no longer exist. 


For more information, please contact  the Secretary, Alison Corley. (alison.corley@btinternet.com)