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The Nerine and Amaryllid Society has a number of books available to loan to members.

These are held by our Archivist, Caroline Stone, who can be contacted by email:

Outward postage is paid by the Society but the member must return the book within 6 weeks by Recorded Delivery and must accept responsibility for correct packaging and safe return.


The Society has a small archive of material relating to the Society and Amaryllids (mostly nerines). Where possible electronic copies are being created for ease of access. Early copies of Amaryllids have been scanned and so backcopies are now available electronically. There is an Index of the contents of each issue contained in the pdf here.


Index 1998-2015

If members would like to access specific issues please email carolinestone_mayfield@yahoo.co.uk. The desired copy will then be sent by email. There will be a nominal charge if requesting multiple issues to cover time and broadband usage that will go into Society funds.