A most important function of the Society is to assist and encourage the growing of Nerine and Amaryllid species and cultivars, and to encourage members to grow new plants by the exchange of plant material.

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The Society also encourages experimentation and research. It has recently collaborated with the RHS in running in running Trials of Nerine Bowdenii, following the joint Study Day  held at Wisley in 2007.

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In 2023 the Society agreed for a new award called The Tony Norris Award. This recognises significant new developments in the breeding of Nerine and related genera, including Galanthus but excluding Narcissus. Click here for more information.

The Nerine and Amaryllid Society would welcome requests for grants from individuals or groups wishing to enhance the educational, conservation, or research knowledge associated with the Amaryllidaceae family of flowering plants. Proposals for funding (upto a maximum of £500) can be considered at any time of the year.

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The Journal, “Amaryllids”, is published three times a year with the aim of contributing to a better knowledge of the Amaryllidaceae and to assist our members to grow better plants.

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The Society also publishes a book - ‘Nerines- a brief guide to growing Nerines in the British Isles’.

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We have a Facebook group where members of NAAS can share photos of their plants, ask questions of others, and share their experiences of growing Nerines and Amaryllids.  It can also be used to notify and remind members of upcoming events, etc and as another way of communicating.

The group is called Nerine and Amaryllid Society so just search for that on Facebook. The group is private so members will have to answer a couple of questions to qualify for access.