Annual subscription rates are:  UK Single      £10.00 p.a.

                                                                   UK Family     £15.00 p.a.  ( Two or more family members living at the same address )

                                                                   Overseas      £15.00 p.a.  ( Member living outside U K) If you live outside the Sterling                                                                            area,  then please enquire about alternative currency  payments.

The Subscription year commences Jan. 1st.
Membership of those joining after 31st July will continue until Dec. 31st of the following year.

We are are able to offer on-line payment of subscriptions by new members, using PayPal.  Please also complete the form below so that the Membership Secretary has your full details.

Click Online Store to purchase membership.

It would be very much appreciated by the Society, however, if subsequent renewal subscriptions could be paid by standing order.

All new or prospective members,
please use the form on this page to email the Membership Secretary.  If you are not using PayPal, you will be sent an Application Form, .

For membership renewals, please contact the Membership Secretary via the form.



For all enquiries about NAAS membership, please use the form below to contact the Membership Secretary, Malcolm Allison.


(For all other comments or enquiries, please continue to contact the Secretary, Alison Corley, using the form on the Contact Us page.)