Twice every year, NAAS is invited by our President, Nicholas de Rothschild, to Exbury Gardens to see the display in the Five Arrows Gallery and to view the plants being propogated in the glasshouse.

In March, NAAS members are invited to view the display and propogation of Lachenalias. Although these are not Amaryllids, many members like to grow these other southern African bulbs, which flower in Spring and so complement the autumn-flowering Nerines.

The exhibition each year in October features Nerine Sarniensis. It is a valued opportunity for society members to come together and enjoy the always spectacular display of Nerines and see new varieties being developed.



Members again enjoyed visiting Exbury Gardens to see the magnificent Nerines being grown there by our President Nicholas de Rothschild.

(Thanks to  Caroline Stone and Helen Brown, for the photos in the slideshow below.)


In spite of the restrictions imposed by the prevalence of the Covid-19 virus, NAAS members were able to enjoy visiting the Five Arrows Gallery and glasshouse as usual in October.

(Thanks to member Roy Prior for the photos in the slideshow  below.)



The Five Arrows Gallery